Our Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to all dealings with Fife Lane Kitchen + Bar. By making any form of booking with Fife Lane you agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Fife Lane reserves the right to remove intoxicated, disorderly, or objectionable persons from the premise regardless of what relationship they have to a booking or Fife Lane.



Fife Lane’s kitchen contains nuts, shellfish, and other allergens. Traces of these may be in the food. All special dietary requirements or allergy information must be made available to Fife Lane prior to the booking date where possible. We will aim to cater appropriately for all dietary requirements and allergies, however, cannot guarantee, nor take responsibility for any reaction to the food.

Fife Lane makes every effort to do their best to accommodate guests with food allergies. However, please note, flour, nuts (peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, etc.), dairy, fructose, onion, garlic, and other similar traditional cooking ingredients are routinely used in our kitchens as part of our normal daily preparation. As a result, a complete lack of any trace of any of these routine ingredients cannot be guaranteed. Further, given the nature and complexity of our dishes not all ‘diet’ preferences & intolerances can be accommodated. Vegetarian dishes and those that can be modified to be gluten free (note traces may still occur), and vegan are noted on our menus. Please notify our staff if you need assistance with our menu and please let us know if you have an allergy so that we can notify the kitchen team.

No externally prepared food or beverages are allowed to be brought on site unless approved in writing.

Celebration Cakes

If a guest supplies their own cake, there is a $15.00 cakeage fee charged per cake. We will supply a cake knife, plates, and forks for guests to serve themselves.

Table Bookings

We only book tables for the purpose of full dining. If you are wanting a table for snacks and/or drinks, please call the restaurant to discuss availability. All table bookings are subject to time limitations. Please talk to our Restaurant Manager or Functions Manager for more information.

Booking Pre-Authorization

Any tables of 7+ guests made for the main restaurant floor we require a credit card to place a pre-authorization of $20pp. Nothing will be debited from your card when making the booking, however, if you cancel within 2 hours of your booking or don’t show up, a cancellation fee per person will be taken as specified. You will be emailed via NowBookIt link to input your credit card details. If details are not entered within 24 hours of receiving the link the booking will automatically be removed.

Tentative Bookings

A tentative booking (expression of interest) can be held on the system for a maximum of 7 days from the time the request is received by Fife Lane. In the event that another party is interested in hiring a function space we will try and contact you to offer you the opportunity to book, however we reserve the right to take a confirmed booking on any date that does not have a confirmed booking on it. A function is not deemed confirmed until PR Hire Fee funds have cleared,


Bookings of 13 or more guests are required to dine on one of our Set or Banquet menu options.

Bookings of 26 or more guests are required to dine on our Banquet menu.

Fife Lane Kitchen + Bar specialise in hosting parties up to 60 people in our Private Rooms (PR 1,2 & 3), alternatively the full venue may be booked. The person who has reserved the booking or is the onsite contact is responsible for any outstanding payments, behaviour of guests and any damages and associated costs.

Private Rooms

While our functions spaces are private, they are not soundproof. Bookings of 15 or more guests are required to use one of our Private Rooms with a minimum spend.

All Private Room and Venue Exclusive Bookings require a $150.00 Private Room Hire Fee. This is used to secure the date and space for your function. It is not applied to your minimum spend and is not refundable.
If due to Covid-19 the booking needs to be transferred to a new date the Private Room Hire Fee will be transferred to an agreed available date. If the guest decides to cancel the booking due to Covid-19 the Private Room Hire Fee will not be refunded.
Maximum Event duration is 6 hours, finishing no later than 1am. Lunch Events commence no earlier than 12pm and finish no later than 4pm.

Please be mindful that the space adjoining yours may be booked for a separate event or restaurant dining so noise must be kept to appropriate levels.

Full Venue Hire

Please enquire directly to the functions team to discuss the minimum spend that will apply. Only full venue bookings can use powered speeches or presentations.

Minimum Spend

Our private rooms are available with a minimum spend which is dependent on date. The minimum spend is made up on the evening of your food and beverages.
If you do not reach your minimum spend, the balance will be charged as Room Hire.

Once quoted a minimum spend, it is valid for 5 days. After this a new quote is required. Prices are subject to change between quotes.

Bill Payment

  • No split bills – only 1 bill per group booking unless otherwise approved in writing by management. This will only be accepted under extenuating circumstances.
  • Bill must be paid in full on the night of the booking.
  • Group organiser/primary contact will be responsible for all charges on account.

Menu Selection

All menus must be confirmed a minimum of 7 days prior to booking, including any special requests for dietary requirements.

Fife Lane chefs can cut and serve a supplied cake with cream and berry coulis for $4.0 per person. This is subject to availability and approval and minimum of 3 working days before booking date.

Confirmation of Numbers

Final numbers must be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to the booking date, if numbers increase after this time, we will do our best to cater for any additional guests, but this cannot be guaranteed. If guest numbers decrease, the original booking will still be charged for in full.

Hen’s and Bucks Party’s

To ensure all our guests have a pleasant experience we do not allow; inappropriate behaviour, games, decorations, activities, costumes, novelty items or inappropriate paraphernalia. If your booking is in breech of these terms you will be asked to remove items, change outfits or risk not being allowed on premises.


You are offered to have your logo printed on a function menu if you wish, at no charge. Any further signage must not cover or obscure any part of Fife Lane logos. If you wish to display further signage please ask your function manager for approval so it can be written into the event details.


  • Private Rooms/tables will be available from 3pm onwards on the day of the booking if you wish to decorate yourself.
  • We are happy to take delivery of balloons/flowers/cake from 12pm on the day of your booking
  • We do not permit any decor to be adhered to the walls/roof without prior discussion and arrangement with management
  • We do not permit the user of confetti/rice/string/glitter in any circumstances.
  • Cleaning Fee may apply to clean up of any unapproved decorations.

Please let us know if you would like a preferred suppliers list for celebration cakes, floristry, balloons, or AV equipment.

Cancellations and Covid-19 Policy

Full cancellation can only be made more than 5 working days from the date of booking. Where cancellations are given less than 5 working days prior to the booking date, items already ordered will be charged.

If a guest chooses to cancel a function due to Covid-19 within 5 working days of the function, items already ordered for the function will be charged.

If we cannot open due to Covid-19 (i.e. move to Alert Level 3/4) there will be no charge for items already ordered.


All deliveries to Fife Lane Kitchen + Bar must be approved by management and delivered to the venue on the approved date and time discussed, clearly labelled with the name and date of event. Deliveries must be made to the back entrance and staff notified of arrival.

Underage Guests

In accordance with the current liquor licensing laws, minors (individuals under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Loss of Property/Belongings

As hosts we will always endeavour to ensure that our client’s property and belongings are protected, however we offer no guarantee of this and will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property left at the venue prior to, during or after any booking. If any property is left behind and unclaimed after 3 weeks, it will be donated to a charity store where applicable.

Damages and Guest Behaviour

Clients assume full responsibility for their guests and any damage or injury that may occur to Fife Lane property or guests as a result of any booking and will therefore be held liable. Any guests on Fife Lane premises whose behaviour is unsatisfactory or causes distress, discomfort, or harm to anyone (including staff) at or near the venue.


At no times are the following allowed onsite

  • Confetti/rice/silly string/glitter/wax
  • Smoke machines
  • Smoking or Vaping anywhere but the permitted smoking area
  • The consumption or bringing in of any illegal, toxic or offensive items into or around the venue. Fife Lane reserves the right to cancel any bookings without liability or consequence if such illegal, toxic or offensive items are found or consumed on premise.


Should Fife Lane Kitchen + Bar be prevented or substantially impeded from providing any services confirmed or otherwise due to circumstances which include but not limited to; fire, flooding, power failures, natural disasters, strikes, lock-outs, act of God, Government intervention which effects Fife Lane, the function client or nominated contact will make no claim for loss or damage against Fife Lane or 512 Hospitality Ltd, or person and will not permit any party to make a claim through the function client.